Quick and Easy to Make Salmon Dinner

I made salmon for dinner this evening! Simple and quick to make…probably took about 20 to 25 minutes total for dinner on the table. It was a dinner for 2 so we had 2 salmon filets and a bag of veggies that were in the produce section (had broccolini/carrots/green beans).

Grabbing my grill bottom cast iron skillet from the drawer, I put it on the stove and turned the heat on medium high (gas stove). I unwrapped the salmon filets and placed them skin side down on my food prep tray, but you can use a plate or cutting board. Got seasonings and ghee (clarified butter) out of the cabinet.

Seasoned the meaty part of the salmon fillets with a sprinkling of sea salt, pepper and dried dill. Drizzled ghee in the heating skillet. Clipped an air vent in the veggies bag and popped them in the microwave.

how to season salmon

Once the ghee is sizzling, I place the salmon filets meat (serving) side down onto the grills. I turned the heat to medium and let sear for about 4 to 5 minutes (times do vary). In the picture you can see the sides of the filets. Once they are cooked about half way through, turn over and let cook so that the meat part is cooked mostly through. We like our salmon cooked more on the medium side than medium rare (very pinkish). Like most fish, over cooking will make it tough.

searing salmon in cast iron skillet

In no time, the salmon and veggies are ready for plating. I served it with a mixture of sour cream, dill and creamy horseradish (all to taste). See below how placing the salmon in the hot skillet with serving side down. Doesn’t it look yummy! has the grill marks.

A quick and easy dinner and it was filling and taste amazing!

quick to make salmon dinner
How to make a delicious salmon dinner!