• easy to make vegetable salad

    Easy to Make Salad – Right out of your pantry!

    This is one of my favorite hot weather quick meals. It’s perfect as a stand alone salad. light lunch or as a side dish to something like fish or chicken. Finding ways to pull together meals from my pantry is challenging and fun. In this dish, I use the following: 1 can quartered artichokes 1 can Niblets (no salt) corn 1 can black beans (no salt) 1 can whole green beans (no salt) About 1/2 of a purple onion chopped into small pieces Rice wine vinegar Olive oil Salt Pepper Basil Open each of the canned veggies and drain all the water out. Then, empty into a medium size glass…

  • easy to make chili at home

    Easy to Make Chili

    Even though fall is on its way, these September days are still scorching.  No matter the outside temps, I still love to make a pot of chili. It’s great for next day lunches and can be frozen in zippy bags, too. You’ll need: 1 pound ground beef 1 medium onion (I prefer yellow) 2 (28 oz.) cans of diced tomatoes Chili Powder Cayenne Powder Garlic Powder Salt Pepper   Chop the onion in small bit and sauté in a large pot (I like my Calphalon pot) adding in the ground beef. Stirring the mixture until beef is lightly cooked. Mix in both cans of tomatoes. When it comes to the powders,…

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    Quick and Easy to Make Salmon Dinner

    I made salmon for dinner this evening! Simple and quick to make…probably took about 20 to 25 minutes total for dinner on the table. It was a dinner for 2 so we had 2 salmon filets and a bag of veggies that were in the produce section (had broccolini/carrots/green beans). Grabbing my grill bottom cast iron skillet from the drawer, I put it on the stove and turned the heat on medium high (gas stove). I unwrapped the salmon filets and placed them skin side down on my food prep tray, but you can use a plate or cutting board. Got seasonings and ghee (clarified butter) out of the cabinet. Seasoned the…